Helium Gases


Pure Helium and Balloon Gas Our company offers 2 different types of returnable and Disposable products for use in balloons.

Disposable Cylinder
Disposable balloon Cylinders that we import from Italy are mostly used in home parties. 1,8 lt. or 2.2 lt. non-returnable Cylinders, our disposable cylinder can be purchased in many party shops and internet sales sites.

High Purity Gas Helium
Koyuncu is able to provide services in many applications with its imported gas helium at 99.999% and 99.9999% purity.

Liquid Helium
Liquid helium is used to cool superconducting magnets in applications such as MRI, NMR and particle physics research. Koyuncu can supply 99.999% pure liquid helium in dewars of various volumes.

Balloon Inflating Apparatus
USA. Balloon inflation apparatus imported from Istanbul provides foil and latex balloon filling. Our 60/40 filling apparatus provides economy by automatically mixing 60% helium and 40% during balloon filling.

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