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Koyuncu has more than 50 expert staff, 12 of which are licensed. Having a modern production facility, Koyuncu meets the demands with the most modern technologies.

Koyuncu; To meet customer needs and expectations by delivering the products on time, providing reasonable price advantage and offering quality products.
With the participation of all our employees, we continuously improve our Quality Management System and quality, ensure that quality is perceived by all employees, and increase customer satisfaction with quality products and services we provide.
The main activity of the early 2000s turned to the import and export gas equipment Koyuncu Gas Industry, Turkey still has a lot of international companies representation. In addition we produce gas equipment especialy gas cylinders bundle, multi purpose gas container of 32 - 140 cylinders with TPED certificate it also sells liquefied industrial gas an Helium to neighboring countries with semi-trailer and ISO tanks.
Gases Equipment Others
Special Gases
Steel Gas Cylinders
Gas Free Operations
High Purity Gases
Gas Cylinder Bundle / Racks
Calcium Carbide
Calibration Gases
Cryogenic Protection
Gas filling station equipment
Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
Balloon Gase
MEGC Multi elements gas
Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders
Industrial Gases
Fire Fighting Cylinders
Gas Mixtures
Cryogenic Pumps
Small Cylinders
Food Grade Gases
Cryogenic Tanks

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