Steel Cylinders

Steel Cylinders

Industrial and Medical Gas Cylinders
Our company, which is a regional leader in gas equipment, operates as the authorized sole dealer of many reputable steel tube manufacturers. In our warehouse in Istanbul, there are thousands of tubes produced according to European norms and we can immediately respond to the needs of our customers.

Fire Extinguishers
With up to 0.3 liters from 180 liters in almost every size stamped seamless steel tube PI and offering solutions to the neighboring countries Turkey Koyuncu makes a difference with quality products and services.

SCUBA and SCBA Tubes
Composite SCBA tubes specially designed for firefighters provide ease of use with their low weight. Our aluminum and steel SCUBA tubes serve in the field of diving equipment with their superior quality.

CNG Tubes
Our company, which sells Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 tubes in the volume range of 50 liters and 200 liters, also manufactures CNG tube bundles in accordance with TPED norms.

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