Cylinder Bundles

Cylinder Bundles

Our company, T.C. It manufactures certified cylinder bundles in accordance with the 2010/35 / EU portable pressure vessels regulation of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Our cylinder bundles have TS EN 10961 and TPED certificates and are manufactured in accordance with oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, CNG, helium and mixed gases.

Our cylinder bundles, which can be produced with 6-9-12-16-32 cylinders according to your request, can be filled in a shorter time because individual cylinders are connected to each cylinder and your pump is not forced.

In addition to industrial and medical gases, we also manufacture cylinder bundles for carbon dioxide, CNG and hydrogen.

- Galvanized cage
- Welded manifold system
- Laser cut stainless steel sheet that prevents the upward movement of the cylinders
- Grid base
- Customer ID panel with logo
- Optional central manifold system

What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying A Tube Bundle?
Is the tube bundle galvanized or painted?
Galvanized coating is a feature that requires extra cost, but because it is more durable than paint, it protects your cylinder bundle against rust and corrosion and ensures a longer life. Is the manifold system suitable for your purpose of use?
Each cylinder is connected to the main distribution pipe independently with the new manifold system we developed due to some drawbacks of the old type manifolds used in the market. Especially in carbon dioxide tube bundles, there are disadvantages of from cylinder to cylinder transfer pipe system. These drawbacks are eliminated when using the tubular manifold system that goes separately to each cylinder. Separate connection from the main distribution pipe to each tube allows you to fill faster, your pump is not forced, and provides more efficient gas flow for consumers. In addition, thanks to the new model manifold system, you will have the opportunity to fill any number of cylinders in the cylinder bundle since separate valves can be attached to each cylinder.

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